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Be More Present, Productive and Profitable.

Hi, I’M Dai!

Productivity Consultant & Digital Organizer

International speaker & Best selling Author

Wife, Mom, Systems Nerd, & Digital Strategist

Helping Busy Business Owners be more

Present, Productive & Profitable.

Productivity & Digital Organizing

Are always searching for "lost" files on your laptop? Are you overwhelmed with the systems you need to run your business?

Profitability in Business is Priceless, and you can't afford to NOT be organized in business. Let's talk about what simple steps to take to get more organized.

Physical Organizing

Does your desk look more like a demo site? Do you avoid showing off your pantry and closets to guest? Can't remember the last time you parked BOTH cars in your two-car garage?

If that sounds like you, don't be embarrassed, you're definitely NOT alone. Let's chat about to get started living a more organized life.

Helping You Achieve Success


  • Customized Productivity Strategy

  • 1:1 Deep Dive into your business

  • 4- hour LIVE session

  • Working side by side (virtually) on your most challenging organizational issues

  • Discover your Unique Work Style

Group Coaching Program

  • Group of 10-15 like-minded individuals

  • Combination of live demonstration & mastermind sessions

  • Office hours to deep dive into systems, tech and digital organizing challenges

  • 4-month program that leave you empowered and equipped to run a more organized life & business

Home Organizing

  • Single Room or Multi-Room Organizational -


  • S.I.M.P.L.E.C.A.R.D. implementation process to declutter and organize each space

  • Monthly, Quarterly and Annual follow up

Commercial & Business Organizing

  • Ongoing Business Organizing for your business location

  • Files & Workspace Organization

  • Inventory management

  • Relocation strategy

  • Workflow Optimization

  • Productivity Training for team

Let's Stay Connected

If you are a small business owner or busy professional and find yourself struggling with getting or staying organized AND feel like if you you could just get things in order "get your life together" then business would be that much easier...then let's talk. I can help you clear the MENTAL & PHYSICAL clutter that keeping your from being and living your full potential.

I'd love to share my Top Productivity Hacks with you. Just Join the Simplicity Community and they'll be delivered to your inbox....along with more monthly tips so you can be more PRESENT, PRODUCTIVE & PROFITABLE.

About Me

My name is Dai Smith, your favorite productivity coach who organizes. As a professional organizing consultant, speaker and author, I help entrepreneurs and busy professionals be more present, productive and profitable in their business by upgrading their organizational processes and systems. With a business undergrad and graduate and design school degrees as well as international speaking platform and 2x best-selling author, I've been able to fine-tune my process and to help you!

As a mom, full-time professional and entrepreneur, I understand how important having systems and organizational processes in place can literally be your saving grace. With that, I'm on a mission to help other like me find that balance to LIVE and BE their full potential.


Organizing Resources

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As busy entrepreneurs, we don't have time to be disorganized win your business and lives. It impacts are sales, service and our sanity!

We'd love to help you save time, money and energy by implementing organizing systems that work for your business. Let's set up a time to chat.


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